GRANT APPLICATION to PRODUCE Angels in the Snow! during the 2018 or 2019 seasons.
Generally, grants are available to the first 25 Theatres/Schools with which we enter into agreement.

Usual grants are:
$1,000 for High School/Community Theatres; $2,000 for College/University Theatres; $3,000 for LORT/Professional Theatres, though additional small grant funds may be available to help with special circumstances, Guest Stars, GREAT Promotions, etc.

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Decision maker's phone
Required Guidelines
As a designated Decision-maker of this group, I hereby SUBMIT this APPLICATION for GRANT MONEY and PRODUCTION RIGHTS to Angels in the Snow to be produced during 2018-2019.
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I agree that, if our organization is selected to receive a grant as a partner, and if we agree to accept the grant, we will follow and complete these REQUIRED GUIDELINES in good faith: *
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